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Work at Local 8 continues to be busy. Hopefully the addition of the Call Steward is helping members schedule their work opportunities better.

We need your help. With over 5000 shifts a month being disbursed from the Office, your participation in the tools offered by Call Steward are needed for our continued success. To many of our members have not taken the time to sign up for the text option. This option saves a tremendous amount of time and resources the Office can use to better serve the members.

If you haven’t enabled the text, we ask that you do it today. The work is crazy busy starting Saturday. We need the members particularly on the A and B list to activate this option so we can fill the jobs in an organized timely matter.

Text Set Up:

Go to iatse8.callsteward.com. Log in and go to “Preferences”

Hit the Hyperlink on the left side “enable”

A prompt will ask you to enter your cell phone number. The program will send to your cell phone a code that you enter.

It is simple and will take you less than five minutes.

For our Local to continue to be successful and grow, everyone needs to help. I am hopeful with the hard work your union is doing for you, you can find the time to do this for your union.


Michael Barnes

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